Tuesday, July 2, 2013

In the Garden- Tuesday's Writing Prompt- Teachers Write

You can find the full writing prompt here: http://www.katemessner.com/blog/, but this one is a three-parter.

First part of the prompt:  Create a character with conflict. 

  - Conflict: Mom trying to be the best she can be at being a mom, but still keeping house, being a good wife, taking care of work, being a part of charity work, etc. 

Second part: Take your character to a memory of a garden and describe, describe, describe. 

   -When the world got too busy, she often thought back to peaceful childhood memories.  One memory, in particular, took place in the garden at her childhood home.  A short walk from her front door was one of her favorite places--the family garden.  It was beautiful and peaceful.  She smiled happily as thought of helping her dad plant the garden.  The earth was cool and soft as they pushed seeds into it.  Soon, the garden would be a kaleidoscope of vegetables: potatoes, carrots, peppers, corn on the cob, and others.  She loved helping her dad here.  It was their special place.  Near one of the corners stood their apple tree, sweet tasty apples adorning the branches.  Along another side of the garden stood a row of lilac bushes.  She had always loved the lilacs.  As she would lean in to smell their rich purple blooms, she was swept away to a peaceful place.  The strong, heady scent filled her nostrils and instantly calmed her.  

Third part:  Bring these two together.  What can the character learn about her time in the garden.

-Remember the time in her childhood garden, the young mom realized that she was doing all that she wanted to do for her daughter and for herself as a person.  Just as she remembered spending time with her dad, she knew that her own daughter would remember the many times they spent together.  She knew those memories were good ones and would bring her daughter joy.  She also knew that she couldn't feel guilty about the other parts of her life.  She never, ever put anything or anyone above her daughter.  However, she wanted her daughter to know that it was healthy and wonderful to be a well-rounded person, to go after things you love and are passionate about, and to have a career that makes you complete.  The only way to teach her these lessons about life was to show her.  She must lead by example. 

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