Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Reflection--Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

It’s that time of year—time to reflect on the year that has passed and make goals for the future.  So here goes…

-Obviously one of my most obvious accomplishments is that I successfully made it through chemo!!  Woo hoo!  I got to close out 2012 with an all clear from my oncologist just before Christmas.  It was an amazing feeling.
-My time with cancer finally taught me to chill out a bit.  I’ve always been a type of person that has to plan everything and is always looking for the next big thing happening.  Now, I’ve decided that time can pass as slowly as it wants toJ  I will still look forward to fun things that I know are coming up, but I’m also perfectly happy enjoying everyday things.
-I’ve also become closer with family and friends.  I was beyond overwhelmed by the kindness, love, and help that I received this past year. 
-I am happy that in 2012, I started developing my skills at taking photographs.  I’ve always loved pictures.  Then, this year, I was blessed with the opportunity to take them for some friends and family members.  I really feel like I’m growing as a photographer.
-I got to be a part of a new summer school program, and it went quite well.  It was a spin-off of a transition program that I had been a part of in the past, but I think it was better.  Hopefully it will continue.
-I somehow talked both my family and Josh’s family into family pictures this year!  That may not mean anything to a lot of people, but I see it as a huge accomplishment!  I’m in love with the photos on my wall of both of my familiesJ
-I got to be a part of the wedding party for two good friends when they married each other this summer:D
-I started teaching a new class this year- dual-credit senior English!  I was terrified going in, but I’m really enjoying it.  They drive me crazy sometimes with their “senioritis” but they also challenge me and make me proud.
-Last, but not least, I continue to work at being a mom.  Everything I do, everything I strive for is so that I can be someone who Grace will always be proud to call “Mommy!”

Those are my big accomplishments of the year, and now I must get out some goalsJ  I think it is important to put goals in writing, as it makes us more accountable:
-I want to get back on track with Weight Watchers.  I have been lazy with a capital L during this holiday season, so now I have about 10 pounds I need to lose again. 
-Also, once I am cleared by the doctor after my recent surgery, I want to work up to exercising 5x a week.
-I would like to do a couch to 5k program
-I want to continue to work with Relay for Life and raise money and awareness to fight back against cancer and gain more birthdaysJ--I’m also putting on my first quarter auction for this cause and hope it goes well!
-I want to continue to grow as a photographer, including taking a couple of classes this year.  My hope is that this can be a side job for me one day.
-I want to be a great cooperating teacher, as I have my first student teacher this semester!
-I want to be a part of Race for the Cure again this summer.
-I want to work on being a great mom, wife, daughter, sister, teacher, friend, cousin, granddaughter, niece, etc. J
-I want to continue to be cancer-free!!


2012—Baby Girl had such a big year.  She learns so much all the time.  I love her personality and spirit!
-Grace turned 2 this year and had an amazing time with family at her Minnie Mouse party!
-Her language skills have exploded!  I feel like we now have real conversationsJ
-She knows how to count to 12 well by herself, 15 with prompting
-Knows most of the ABCs song and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”  She also sings along with just about every song I turn on and actually knows some of the lyrics to many of them.
-Knows all of the main colors.
-Loves to sing and dance just like her mommyJ
-Favorite show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Also- Little Einsteins and Doc McStuffins
-Loves to read, color, paint, play with stickers, clean (yes, clean haha)
-She got to be a part of the Summer Reading Program at the library for the first time and loved it!  She also goes to Toddler Time each month there.  She loves the crafts, books, and songs!
-We became Zoo members this year, thanks to grandmaJ
-Grace went on her first vacation.  We went to Branson.
-She loves boats and anything with water.  She loves playing with puzzles, baby dolls, her doctor kit, and dress up.  When warm- loves outside and playing with her jeep, swing set and house that she got this year!  Also when warm, she loves taking walks with her mom and Aunt B, especially when we go get ice cream!
-She became potty-trained at the beginning of December!  Thanks to my nephew Alex for making it “cool” J
-Moved to a toddler bed
-Loves Bunny and Baby for bed, dolls, Cookie Monster, Elmo, and shoes
-Favorite foods- noodles of any kind, chicken, cheese, salad, soup, suckers, and anything that can be dipped
-Went to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time as her birthday present from Aunt B.  She was crazy about it!
-Was Minnie for Halloween
-Finally decided she loves Santa!

Goals: J
-Master ABCs, more numbers, language, songs, shapes
-Learn to ride her new tricycle she got for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa Bronson
-Start preschool in the fall
-continue Toddler Time and participate in Reading Program again this summer.
-Really utilize our zoo membership once it gets warm.
-Experience the Magic House and Science Center for the first time
-Maybe get into dance when she turns 3J

-While he got his job at McDonough and Whitlow in Dec 2011, he really became established this year.  He’s doing an amazing job!
-He has had quite a year taking care of me, but he has gone above and beyond to be a good husband and fatherJ