Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Before I die, I want to...

All right, this is the Monday morning warm-up for Teacher's Write.  Yes, I understand that it is no longer Monday morning, but I am off work this week.  This means that mornings are devoted to my daughter, not my computer or myself.  So.. now Grace is asleep and it is my "me" time.  So.. this morning Jo Knowles shared some pictures of chalkboards she had seen up on vacation.  They had lots of spots for people to fill in the statement, "Before I die, I want to..."   You can see the pictures and prompt, by going here: http://jbknowles.livejournal.com/475287.html. Jo pushed us to answer this question for both ourselves and any characters we are currently writing about.  I am not working any writing project, so I suppose I will just make my own little bucket list:)  

1.  Obviously, this list can never be complete.  I think of things daily that I would like to see or do.
2.  Also, some of these are obviously more important than others.  That doesn't mean I don't want to do the smaller things as well:) 

My Bucket List as of July 2, 2013 at 12:04 am:

Before I die, I want to: 
  • See my daughter grow up.
  • Have grandchildren I get to spoil.
  • Grow old with my husband. 
  • Live a long, happy, healthy, cancer-free life.
  • See a cure for cancer.
  • Lose about 15-20 lbs and keep it off. 
  • Get into an exercise routine and stick with it.
  • Get two more tattoos:  a pink ribbon and my daughter's name.
  • Watch my sister get married and have kids of her own because she'd be a kick-ass mom.
  • Be the best mom I can possibly be.
  • Help my daughter plan her wedding.
  • Live to be 100 and have my picture in the paper (haha, This was a dream of mine when I was little for whatever reason.  However silly the picture thing is, I still like the dream)
  • Have a successful photography business on the side.
  • Have a long, successful teaching career.
  • Obtain a second master's in Speech Communications.
  • Continue working with Relay for Life and possibly be chair some day of my local event. 
  • Write a book.
  • Get an article or book published. 
  • Take my daughter to Disney World. 
  • Take another cruise. 
  • Travel to the following places: Ireland, Italy, Greece, the town the Cedar Cove series is based off of (can't think of it at the moment), Wine Country in California
  • Have another baby
  • Watch my daughter and nephews graduate high school, and college if they decide to go.
  • Have a leadership position in my department
  • Have a surprise party thrown for me at some point 
  • Raise my daughter to be smart, sweet, intelligent, fun, and to walk in God's ways
  • To read the entire Bible

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